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The difference between a psychic and Mediumship

Jan 2022
The difference between a psychic and Mediumship.

The difference between a psychic and Mediumship

I often get asked what's the difference between psychic and mediumship. I will try to answer from my point of view as best I can.

Everyone has an energy, this energy radiates out from our soul. The energy is often referred to as an aura. The aura holds all the information that has been our experience, on this earth. If you have had a trauma it will be in the aura like a wound, if it hasn’t healed. Future is not in the aura because it hasn’t taken place yet. As a psychic I can feel what's going on in the aura, usually energy levels, tensions and general demeanor can be held in the aura. Health issues can be picked up too. Often people do not understand the difference between this and mediumship.


Mediumship is reaching for a connection with someone who has passed over to Spirit in other words ,died. People have grief and to be able to connect with a loved one is very healing for them. The Spirit person chooses to come; they are requested not forced. The person in Spirit is usually as thrilled to be able to communicate through a medium, as the sitter who is very often emotional but relieved. The Spirit person likes to give evidence of their identity, life habits and describe things that they would have done that sometimes even the sitter doesn’t understand. Many times the sitter has had to go to relatives and ask about the evidence given and luckily people do get back to me to tell me how amazed they are to find what I have received from the Spirit person was in fact right. The Spirit person likes to give messages about the sitter to prove they are aware of what's going on in their lives here on earth and are with the person. They also give advice on issues that the sitter may be experiencing. They will go further into the future than just a psychic reading can.

How I work

Mediums all work differently and over the years the way I work has changed. I work with my Guides, we all have them, they know what is expected. My Guides will allow someone to come close to me, a Spirit person that the sitter wants to connect with. I will then communicate with them and relay what is being said, shown, felt etc. sometimes it is incredibly strong and at other times not so strong. I tend to work on this level because I find Spirit have an overview which is more accurate than using the psychic alone, Spirit seem to be able to see further into the future. The sitter helps me with their energy. Sometimes the sitter can be closed and it can be difficult to read for them. Is it possible to read for everyone? No but on the whole most people will be able to have a sitting that is successful. It is a job with no script, no idea of what the next client wants, it takes courage and trust in Spirit to work in this way. It is not a job for the faint hearted but it is very rewarding and wonderful to be able to help those who are in grief or lost in their own life situations. I do love it!

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