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Jan 2022
The difference between a psychic and Mediumship.
I often get asked what's the difference between psychic and mediumship. I will try to answer from my point of view as best I can.
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Nov 2021
Our journey never begins or ends.
Our journey never begins or ends. On earth you are constantly looking forward. Looking forward to doing this and that and thinking about tomorrow and of course now people are thinking about Christmas. It’s nice to look forward to happy things but it can also prove disappointing because of the expectations. If we have expectations we can feel let down and upset when things don’t turn out as expected. Of course on earth you have to plan but planning without attachment to outcome is likely to lead to more positivity in the long run. Yes expect the best, as this is creating a better outcome but less resistance to the outcome creates a better space for the next adventure. Outcome always depends on the journey so the journey is obviously more important but this gets forgotten in the haste to get
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Oct 2021
Orange Poppy
I saw you today, Alone, your face turned to the sun. October hasn't dampened your Spirit or taken you from me. Your fine and delicate petals hold strong, not gone, not yet. Your summer colour said that you will stay here, with me for a while, it could be a day or more but you made me smile when I saw your orange glow, your beautiful face, it made me smile.
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Oct 2021
If you get tossed aside, Dumped, Forgotten
You will find that the universe is telling you you no longer belong in that place, with those people or in that job.
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Sep 2021
Houses and hauntings
Hauntings this always sounds very scary but actually negative energy sounds less dramatic, than saying Haunting. People aren't really haunted, houses aren't really haunted. What actually happens is that Spirits hang around for various reasons.
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Jul 2021
Me Together we balance, Together we are strong but when I turn my head I think you're gone.
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Jul 2021
Read the tarot
Lesley Manning’s psychic world presents..... Michael Bagan Medium, psychic and Tarot reader and teacher
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Jun 2021
Where are you going?
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May 2021
Letting Go
When you let go, it clears the way for better things to come into your life. No, it is not easy. You may not be able to address the reason behind letting go, it could be with a situation or a person. Sometimes we cannot make someone who has behaved badly or hurt us see that they have, we feel we want justice or at least acknowledgement.
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Apr 2021
Every day there will be things that come along to challenge you. Whether it be relationships with other people or feelings that rise up within yourself. It is sometimes to face these things that rise up like a snake, hissing and ready to bite.
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Mar 2021
Trees HS2 Trees, fill my lungs with the breath that I need, Let me hold you in and sigh you out,
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Mar 2021
Absolute Beginners Psychic and Mediumship Workshop. April 17th 2021

Upcoming Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

Lesley Manning's Mediumship and Psychic World.

Absolute Beginners Psychic and Mediumship Workshop.

April 17th 2021
10am to 1pm. Cost £35
Join me on line on Zoom
Come on a journey with me to experience and unfold the psychic force within.

I will be leading you through some Psychic techniques, you will then have an opportunity to work with each other and try out what you have learnt.

You will come out of this experience gaining an understanding of your own psychic and Mediumistic abilities.

Please message if you are interested and for more information.

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Mar 2021
Workshop Spa For The Soul

Come and join us via zoom, Sunday March 28th, for a beautiful workshop to help relax, unwind and reconnect with your inner self to help promote calmness and to nourish the soul.

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Feb 2021
The Mirror

If I stand for a while will I see you, Looking back at me from the mirror?

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Jan 2021
Remember Me

“Are you going to kill me, the tree said to the man with the axe”?

Startled that a tree could talk the man gathered up his thoughts and simply said,


“Then let me sing you my song” , said the tree.

The man stood for a moment and before he knew it the tree had begun to sing.

It sung such a song that tears rolled down the mans face,

Everything that ever was, was in the song.

The melody embraced the man and took hold of him, he became embraced into the very womb of the tree.

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Dec 2020
Let go and Fly

This year had been strange. Some good things have come from it. Other more challenging things have surfaced. It has made me reavaluate life.

Close the door on anything that doesn't serve you.

Let the lower vibrations go so that you can fly.

Let yourself be free to choose.

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Dec 2020
The Christmas number 1
What is Christmas number 1 going to be for you this year? Is it the presents, the food, the family? Could it be that the light of the world is celebrated at this time. The CHRISTmas Spirit came to Earth. Oh no don’t go all religious on me you say but we want to bring the shining light into your life. The love that is the compassion of the Christ energy is here, not only at Christmas but everyday, every moment. Let the light shine from you.
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Nov 2020
When it's quiet
When you feel like nothing is going on Spiritually or you are struggling a bit , it’s usually when a lot is really going on under the surface. A bit like the duck that sits on top of the water but under the water it’s little feet are paddling away. Remember you are part of a team. So you may feel it’s a bit non-eventful Spiritually at times but your team is alwa ...
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Nov 2020
The Beginning of Time

In the beginning there was no time. Time is a concept. In the beginning there was a seed. This seed expanded out and reached to the four corners of the universe. It became bigger and bigger until it became its own idea. In the beginning there was a thought. In the beginning there was nothing and in the nothing was a seed.

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Nov 2020
The world is lining up, no need for fear
The world is beginning to bring parts of the puzzle together and sort out the pieces. It feels like chaos, it feels uncertain. It feels like some people could break. When the energies reach a certain point they burst. You could think of it as an explosion but we prefer to think of it as a dandelion seed being blown into the breeze. New id ...
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